We are schnauzer breeders, for the fascination and the attractiveness of this great family, specifically the giants salt and pepper. Our purpose , is to fill the hole that there is in Spain toward this great race that is the giant salt and pepper, or at least to attempt it. If we get people to know them, and they are not missed of seeing a specimen , and mainly that they don't ask like we have gotten this mixture, we will already be satisfied. Then, we wait that the time and the good one to make of people give us of the reason, and the giant salt and pepper stops to be this great stranger.

Our hatchery this located in full nature, in The Pre - pirineo Catalan where we make a family breeding, trying to assure a sociabilizacion and an emotional stability to our puppies, to eradicate one of The problems that but he/she suffers The schnauzer giant salt and pepper that it is The shyness.

In any moment we want to raise schnauzers for the simple fact of raising, as many others. We want to try to guide the schnauzers breeding toward what we like that is the functionality and the beauty conjugated in a race that at the moment gives us many happiness. For that reason also, we don't raise assiduously, if not sporadically, attempting in each litter to improve as much as possible, and to try to learn to be able to get in the future that the scnauzer giant salt and pepper has a grateful space.

Thank's to

This space, wants to use it to thank. If, if, the thank you. I want to thank for that in this world of the breeding and exhibitions, there is some bad milk, and when one begins like it is our case, you usually find you the on trip, and it is of grateful that when you have fallen and somebody shakes hands you to get up, to thank. For that reason this small space, for people that believes liking and that until the moment they have helped me a lot, there are some that a lot but of what you/they are thought. Thanks to:

-Albert Gonfaus y a Ana. (Kennel Tofona Negra & Boix Grevol) To be whenever they are needed.

-Julian Oliva. To become trained.

-Xavi Sabater. To be the veterinarian of my dogs.

-Very especially to my wife Loreto, for their help, serious unthinkable to raise schnauzers without her.